Got GPG Behind The Scenes? (FIXED)

Tired of sharing those one-off images of "Behind The Scenes" wackiness via email? Want to reminisce about all of the hooha you've participated in? Now you can upload your favorite "Behind The Scenes" images from GPG into a centralized gallery! First, read the upload guidelines in the members section (you must log in.) Then, share away (FIXED!)

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Accolades: What People Are Saying

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in About

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"GPG is the single greatest place on earth. I owe my career as a photographer to the wonderful community and event of GPG. Thank you Rip for opening your studio and your immense experience to us, and thank you to all the wonderful people who make GPG what it is."

Mike Sternberg
Albuquerque, NM

"I've been an attendee of WGGPG for longer than almost anyone still attending. I can safely say that, especially with the new format in place, there is pretty much NO better artistic collective in the city of Albuquerque which offers such a rare and fantastic opportunity to discover and nurture artistic talent."

Brandon Scott Jensen
Albuquerque, NM


Welcome aboard Brad & Jimmie, as well as South Of Heaven Photography, our newest sponsors!

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