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The Rules

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

  2. EVERYONE works and learns for free.
  3. NO commercial work of any kind is allowed at GPG.
  4. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for physical violence, theft, drug use, underage drinking and other similar asshatting.
    1. A "GPG Moderator" is appointed each week.  The moderator is responsible for keeping the group on schedule, productive and on task.  Tools (provided) are: the mighty clipboard, wall schedule and dry-erase markers.  :-P  This job includes coordinating photographers, models, MUA's, hair, mentors, etc... as well as handling schedule changes, special requests, people on "standy," etc.  It's a perfect position if you're interested in Production Coordination, being a PA, and similar jobs.
    2. A lecture is usually presented weekly from 5:30-6:30pm.  Guest lecturers are welcome.
    3. Studio TIME SLOTS ARE 30 MINUTES LONG and are available from 6:30-11:30pm.  NOTE: The 8:00pm time slot is reserved for cleanup, meetings, etc (see #6).  MODELS AND/OR PHOTOGRAPHERS MAY BOOK SLOTS in person or ahead of time via the online booking system (you must be logged in.)
    4. All participants should be present at least 15 minutes before their scheduled time, or the time-slot may be forfeited to those on the waiting list.

General FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

Q: What is "Guerrilla Photo Group?"
A: Founded by Rip Williams in 2006, we're a FREE ongoing creative collaborative focused on making photographic art in a social, fun and safe environment.  In 2011, GPG expanded into a second "division" hosted by Steve Groves in Seattle, WA.  Both "divisions" are comprised of Photographers, Models, Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists of skill levels - from working pros to people just getting started.

Model FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

Q: I'm interested in learning to model.  What should I do to start?
A: Visit the group and talk to the other models and photogrpahers.  You'll pick up lots of pointers!  You can shoot anytime, or just observe.  Bring ideas, pictures from magazines that you like, wardrobe you like, props or anything else you think might be fun.

Photographer FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

Q: I'm interested in learning.  What should I bring?
If you have an SLR camera, bring it! (It's best to learn on your own equipment.)  If not, many people are happy to lend you their equipment while you're here.  Lenses, and most other equipment flows pretty freely, but please respect everyone's investment.

Makeup/Hair Stylist FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

Q: How do I get involved in shoots?
A: Check in with the "GPG Moderator" of the evening.  S/He will help you coordinate with photographers/models regarding time slots, shoots, and concepts.  Use the member search, Facebook, etc if you'd like to set something up ahead of time!



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