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Photographer FAQ

Written by Rip Williams. Posted in FAQs

Q: I'm interested in learning.  What should I bring?
If you have an SLR camera, bring it! (It's best to learn on your own equipment.)  If not, many people are happy to lend you their equipment while you're here.  Lenses, and most other equipment flows pretty freely, but please respect everyone's investment.


Q: If I borrow a camera, how do I get my images?
 It is YOUR responsibility to take your images home on the night of your shoot, process them and deliver them to the model MUA, etc.! We can provide "loaner" cards or thumb drives for this purpose if necessary, but we recommend you bring your own. The person who is kind enough to loan you equipment is not responsible for storing your images, burning you a disk later, delivering your images to your models, etc, etc.

Q: What sort of equipment will I have access to?
A studio full of lights, light-modifiers, radios, grip gear, backdrops, reflectors... everything you need.  You also have access to 3 floors (1900 sq. ft.) of various interior locations, adjacent exterior locations (until 10:00pm) and the entire downtown area to play with.  We currently run up to 8x Alien Bees/PCB lights and use industry-standard Pocket Wizard radios, Matthews (and other) Grip Equipment, etc. We also have loaner cameras.

Q: I shoot (insert camera brand.)  Are there others in the group who might have helpful info for me?
A: Yep.  We have photographers in the group who shoot Nikon, Cannon, Sony Olympus... and more.

Q: Can I provide free headshots (etc, etc) at GPG?
A: Well, kinda.  GPG is designed to provide free portfolio development to models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and clothing designers.  No commercial work of any kind is allowed at GPG.  If you're a model, your portfolio headshots (etc) are completely in-line with the spirit of the event.  If you're a clothing designer, portfolio images of your wares are similarly aligned.  However, this does not include images that are directly used to sell your items on ebay, etsy, etc (commercial use.)  If you're a real-estate agent, musician, band, DJ, artist, writer, attourney, etc, your "headshots" for business cards, album covers, dust covers, flyers and the like are commercial photography.
NOTE: Exceptions to this rule may be considered for the benefit of true non-profit endeavors if everyone involved is aware and agreeable.

Q: GPG Doesn't allow commercial work.  Can I rent the studio during other days?
A: Absolutely!  You can rent Rip Williams Photography Studio for commercial or personal work (rates available at the link.)  However, if you're a GPG Sponsor, you get several FREE RENTAL HOURS as part of your package. Trust me, for the price of renting the studio for a half day, you can sponsor GPG for months and months (getting the studio time for free!)

Q: I wannna learn video.
Great.  We've got cinematographers in the group too...

Q: Are there some online resources that I might find useful?
Oh, yeah.  Registered users get a ton of links and info about print labs, lighting techniques, gear reviews and more.

Q: Do I get copies of the photos to use in my portfolio, on Facebook, etc?
A: Yep. Everyone involved (photogs, models, MUAs, stylists, designers,etc.) gets the photographer-selected images to use in their portfolios, etc.

Q: I am a ___________ and am interested in more specifics.
A: Great!  Check out more FAQ's using the menu on the right!



Welcome aboard Brad & Jimmie, as well as South Of Heaven Photography, our newest sponsors!

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