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--Begin Transmission--

...The Emerald City is ready for artistic revolution...

...artists and creators saturating every district...

...our leadership is mobilizing. Our lens is focussed on every street, every crumbling industrial park, every coastline of the sound.

...begin with the streets. Begin with the artists. Begin with the frozen image of the present in order to build the future...

...transmissions will continue behind the walls, atop the structures, inside the minds of the creators, the visionaries, the visual-media prophets...


After six years of international operation, Guerrilla Photography Group has set its lens upon the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 2006 by Albuquerque-based commercial photographer Rip Williams, Guerrilla Photography Group is an ongoing creative collaborative focused on making photographic art in a social, fun and safe environment. The weekly events are scheduled to begin before the new year. Each week will feature a different location within the greater Seattle metro area until we have secured a permanent headquarters for operation. (Even then, we will spend as many weeks on location as we do in-studio.)

The weekly group is free, though we encourage everyone to bring something to share. (Beer, baked goods, and good coffee being the current favorites...) Photographers, Film-Makers, Models, Actors, Grips, Makeup-Artists and Hair Stylists of all skill-levels are encouraged to participate, educate, collaborate and above all—to create.

The basic premise is that if you throw total noobs and working pros into a studio-shaped blender... giving them all full access to each others respective creativity, passion and expertise... that out the other end comes fantastic photographic art. It's sometimes silly, dark, surprising, gorgeous ...frequently edgy. This ain't your after-school photography class. It's a creative playground for grown-ups. When indoors, We allow booze. We allow nudity. We're pro-art, pro-active, pro-woman and pro-education. We're diverse, anti-pretension and jerk intolerant. If this sounds like your cup-o-tea, feel free to drop us a line, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter !

Guerrilla Photo Group is made possible by the help of our Sponsors and Supporting Members, as well as other generous donations of time and effort from participants. Also, our Advisory Board meets regularly to help address participant concerns and make other operational decisions.

The Seattle-based GPG meets are organized and hosted by Steve Groves, Lead Photographer and Owner of ESI Media. Anyone interested in learning more about the upcoming calendar of events and news about the group's activities should feel free to contact him via the Contact Form. Any and all donations, sponsorhip, and contribution (not just money, we need people who can organize, plan, build, and manage as well...) are greatly appreciated.






...The Emerald City is ready...

...So are we.

--End Transmission--


Welcome aboard Brad & Jimmie, as well as South Of Heaven Photography, our newest sponsors!

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